Papers and Presentations

As the papers for and presentations given at the CARO Workshop may contain restricted information, it is up to the presenter to share their paper and or presentation. The material of those who have done so at this moment can be found below...

Emulation: how low will you go..., Kurt Natvig, Norman ASA, Norway Presentation

Anti-unpacker tricks, Peter Ferrie, Microsoft, USA Paper Presentation

Anti-Emulation Through Time-Lock Puzzles, Tim Ebringer, Witham Laboratories, Australia Paper

IDA Pro & obfuscated code, Ilfak Guilfanov, Hex-Rays, Belgium Presentation

Hump-and-dump: efficient generic unpacking using an ordered address execution histogram,

Li Sun, RMIT University, Australia and Tim Ebringer, Witham Laboratories, Australia Paper Presentation

Unpacking, an hybrid approach, Mario A. López, Frisk Software Intl., Iceland Paper

Automatic Browser Script Deobfuscation and Analysis, Jose Nazario, Ph.D., Arbor Networks, USA Presentation

Runtime Packer Testing Experiences, Maik Morgenstern & Andreas Marx, Presentation

Exepacker blacklisting: theory and experiences, Gabor Szappanos, Virusbuster Ltd., Hungary Presentation

Dealing with Virtualization packers, Boris Lau, Sophos Plc, United Kingdom Presentation