Online Payment

By popular request, you can also pay for the 2nd International CARO Workshop by performing the payment yourself online. The Online Payment will be processed by Element5 through a secure transaction.

Please click on the right link (all options will open in a new window):

I like to pay for the Workshop only: Euro 550,-

I like to pay for my partner who will join me on Thursday evening for dinner: Euro 75,-

I like to pay for both the Workshop + Hospitality Program: Euro 650,- (***)

I like to pay for the Hospitality Program only: Euro 100,- (***)

***) 1 April 2008: The registration for the hospitality program is now closed. There are a few empty spots left that will be granted on a first come, first served basis. You can still fill your wish to participate with the hospitality program on the registrationform. You will then be contacted with either a positive or a sadly negative answer.

If you want to pay for multiple people at the same time, just update the quantity numbers in the online form and press the update button.

At the end of a transaction, if the payment was succesful, you will receive a confirmation number. Please write this confirmation number down on the registrationform BEFORE faxing it to +31-70-3097707. When doing the payment online, it is not necessary to also fill in the credit card information on the fax.

The registration is not final until both the registration fax as well as the payment has been received.