Hospitality Program

The hospitality program is optional. The registrationform for the workshop contains a checkbox. When you register for the workshop and check this box, a separate registrationform for the hospitalityprogram will be send to the listed e-mail address. The cost for this optional hospitality program is Euro 100,00 and includes dinner and drinks.

31 March 2008:

The registration for the hospitality program is now closed. There are a few empty spots left that will be granted on a first come, first served basis. You can still fill your wish to participate with the hospitality program on the registrationform. You will then be contacted with either a positive or a sadly negative answer.


18.30 – 18.40 Boarding of the busses.

19.30 – 20.30 Start of the Canal Cruise. Drinks are included (softdrinks, beer, wine).

20.30 – 22.30 Diner (3 courses) during the Cruise.

22.30 – 22.45 Docking of the boat near the Red Light District.

22.45 – 00.00 Guided tour on the Wallen including the famous Red Light District.

00.00 – 00.15 Return to Central Station where the busses are located.

00.15 – 00.30 Boarding of the busses.

around 01.00 Back at Hotel Crowne Plaza.

Canal cruise with drinks

A 2.5 hour cruise on the canals of downtown Amsterdam while enjoying Dutch cheese, snacks and drinks (beer, wine and Dutch liquor). The tour will pass some of the most beautiful and historical places (bring your camara's)


During the cruise, a 3 course dinner will be served. Drinks are included (softdrinks, beer, wine).

Appetizer: French hors d’oeuvre with various fish and meat samplers.

Main Course: Your choice of Turkey-steak, Beef or Fish, served with fresh vegetables from the season and mashed potatoes.

Dessert: Vanilla-bavarois with red fruit.

After the dinner, Coffee and Tea will be served.

Participants to the hospitality program will receive a form to select their choice for the main course and to notify the catering of any dietary requirements.

Guided tour on the Wallen (Red Light District)

This most famous part of Amsterdam is as lively and secretive as one can be expected from a major harbour-city. With the men at sea, prostitution developed itself, due to the surplus of women, very early in the city at the river the IJ and has grown what is now known as a world famous red light district. This tour on the old Wallen holds many stories, figures, windows, monuments, charms, brothels, bars and sex that this is by far the most popular tour in Amsterdam. Having this tour at night when it is dark, the red lights will increase the mood. Therefore, the guide will perform a head-count after each stop to make sure no-one has stayed behind inside when the tour continues (grin).